Man, I want to eat lunch on a rooftop cafe on a nice day. QC-world Massachusetts gets much better weather than real-world Massachusetts has been havin' lately.

If you click on that store link up in the navigation bar, you will see that we have a new t-shirt for sale! It is a design meant to commemorate the launch of my other comic, IndieTits. I think it's pretty cute, and if you do too feel free to order one. They're on pre-order until the 20th, at which point I'll print up a batch and see if they sell well enough to keep 'em around.

Man, the new Architecture in Helsinki record is wonderful. They have really lived up to all the potential that they've shown in the past- this is one of the best indie-pop records to come out thus far in 2005, and definitely worth picking up if you enjoy eclectic pop bands bands like the Fiery Furnaces or the Flaming Lips.

I think that is it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, buy some t-shirts if you feel like it, and I will see you tomorrow. I will be out of town for a few days so email answerin' will probably be sporadic, but I promise to at least read everything.

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