This week I'm sharing some of the bonus comics I've done for my Patreon supporters this year! Also, this one needs a translation probably:


Panel 2

Guy: Uh, do you speak english?

Francelore: Ah- yes? Yes! Yes! How can I help you?

Panel 3

Guy: Can I get a, uh, venti latte?

Francelore: Ah, yes! One moment, please!

Panel 4

Francelore: What is "venti?"

Doralsace-Lorrraine: "Twenty" in Italian. *vapes*

Panel 5

Francelore: Ummm...that's twenty espressos...your total is 25 euros.

Guy: Twenty five bucks?! Forget that, I'm goin' to McDonalds or something!

Panel 6

Francelore: I don't understand Americans.

Doralsace-Lorraine: Americans don't understand coffee. *continues to vape*

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