No offense intended towards Dunkin Donuts employees. I just imagine it is probably not the most exciting place in the world to work.

I will be at MoCCA this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday! Come say hello to me and a whole bunch of other awesome webcartoonists (and some of those old-fashioned print guys too). I will have t-shirts and posters for sale, and will probably do a drawing for you if you ask nicely.

Next Friday is my birthday! In celebration of me being a quarter of a century old (or .78 metric centuries), I was thinking of going over to the Haymarket Cafe in Northampton to hang out with a bunch of my friends. Feel free to come say hello if you're in the area, it will be a pretty chill time.

So you all know of my girlfriend Cristi, right? Well she isn't just my girlfriend, she's also my business manager and partner in this little enterprise we call Questionable Content. Having a far more business-friendly mind than myself, she is the one who takes care of such mysterious tasks as tracking shirt sales and inventory, finance, and voodoo curses. If you have ever recieved an email from "Jeph and Friendly Assistant", the "Friendly Assistant" is her. I've asked her to just start calling herself Business Manager or something appropriately nice-sounding though, because she is just as essential to this operation as I am. I am (arguably) good at drawing pictures and writing comic strips. She is good at making sure we do not go bankrupt (and she's done a fine job thus far). Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you because I don't think she gets enough recognition for the wonderful work that she does for me (also for smooches).

I think that is it for tonight! Enjoy the comic, hopefully I will see some of you this weekend, and I will talk to the rest of you on Monday.

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