See how I crammed a horrible pun into the comic title over there? Yeah, I'm sorry too.

MAN people have been ordering a lot of Irony shirts! We ordered a whole bunch extra thinking we would be able to take them with us to San Diego but it looks like we may not have any left over for the con after all. Orders are going out on a daily basis and we're getting new stuff printed as soon as we can.

Oh man somebody just said the phrase "man-clit" in the QC IRC channel. Yay the Internet!

So I don't know if you read Wigu or OverCompensating, if you don't what the hell is wrong with you, they are basically the two best webcomics out there, but Jeffrey Rowland recently moved up here to Easthampt'n. Now he lives about five minutes away from me, as does RStevens of Diesel Sweeties fame. They might as well rename Western Massachusetts Webcomic Massachusetts.

See you tomorrow.

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