Seriously. I had to be talked down like a man off a ledge from buying a Fender Stratocaster yesterday. When you're about to fly across the continent to a strange place and try to sell t-shirts to strange people, it is important to be financially prudent.

So yeah, I'll be at San Diego Comic Con July 14-17 with a bunch of my Dayfree Press friends. We've got a table right around the corner from the Dumbrella and Penny Arcade fellows, so we should be pretty easy to find. I'll post a map of our area as the date approaches.

Hopefully everybody had a safe and fun Fourth of July! I disagree with a lot of my government's policies and actions but still think that America is a pretty nice place to be and that most Americans are pretty nice people.

Anyway that is it for tonight! Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow.

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