You really can't go wrong with Dalek references.

Several exciting merchandise items to discuss today! First of all, we now have Sellout shirts available for pre-order. You've got a little less than two weeks to get in on the first print run of these bad boys.

Secondly, this FRIDAY will mark the last day to order any Pandapus merchandise before we retire the design to make room for some more stuff. I suggest you act fast!

Thirdly, I've got two eBay auctions you might possibly be interested in. One is for a piece of original artwork that I drew over the weekend. You can check that auction out here. I started the bidding at 1 penny and it's already up to $50, which is completely crazy. I'll probably throw some secret bonus things in with the drawing for whomever eventually wins it.

The other auction is one of my old guitars that I just don't have room for anymore. It's a really nice instrument though and in basically new condition. You can check that one out here.

Are you part of the Secret Crocodile Adventure Club? If not then I can say no more, it is a SEEECRET.


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