I think this is what they should have the greeters at Wal Mart do.

Just a reminder: Friday is the last day to get in on the Sellout t-shirt preorders! We're sending them to the printer Saturday morning, so if you want a shirt now is the time to order. I'll have a new design up for pre-order on Monday as well, because I'm too excited to wait on this one. I think you'll like it!

It feels like forever since I heard an honest-to-god rock record but the new album by The Life And Times fits the bill perfectly. If you liked Shiner or Hum you'll love these guys. Super-heavy drumming and atmospheric guitars are for yes.

Animals Have Problems Too is one of the few new strips I've found that consistently makes me grin. You should check it out if you like animals with problems!

See you Monday, when I will hopefully have some exciting Dayfree Press related news to relate. Have a nice weekend!

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