Panel one of this comic goes out to tha LJ LiveJournal Community. You may be a buncha nitpicky bastards but I love you all the same.

So I changed my mind about the whole "new shirt" thing. There's a poll in the forums about what design I should come out with next. Let me know what you think!

WoW on Dark Iron is hell of fun, but the guild I'm in (Annarchy) is totally full up for members. I decided not to start a QC guild because I'd rather just play the game than head up some massive organization. Thanks 8 billon times to everyone who has sent me nice messages or said hi or donated gold (!) in-game. It's been a pleasure to meet all of you thus far.

I am all caught up on the August email. Time to start tackling the remainder of July. Thanks for your patience, dudes and ladies who emailed me and have not yet recieved a reply.

More tomorrow.

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