Seriously folks, how can you go wrong with a webcomic that drops near-constant Ozzy Osbourne references? Not very wrong!

This whole little storyline is going to be a lot of fun. I've got about a week and a half of scripts in my head just waiting to be let out. I think you will enjoy things!

PS: If you like Marten's Webcest t-shirt, do not email me about it. Email the man who came up with it. Webcest is when you break up with one dude you met on a message board and start datin' another dude from that same message board! Webcest is when you draw a comic strip about people who are raccoons who are also naked and who also have human genitalia! Webcest is when you ask someone A/S/L but really you just don't care at all, you're not going to be picky about any As or Ss or Ls!

PPS: The dudes over at Wikipedia are seriously uptight. Smoke some weed guys and chill out.

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