Can you tell I'm having fun with this storyline? Because I am!

I hereby order each and every one of you to spend this weekend reading the Wigu and OverCompensating archives. DO IT. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

So I hear on the Interwebs that the upcoming Broken Social Scene record has been leaked. Now I am not advocating the illegal downloading of music files, but let's just say that while I have every intention of paying for a copy of the CD when it comes out this is Broken Fucking Social Scene we are talking about and I really with SoulSeek would hurry the fuck up already. So yeah.

Pitchfork reviewed my friend Matt's new CD! They gave it a solid 7.4 out of ten. I think you should add two points to that score based solely on what a rad dude Matt is, let alone how good the CD is. Buy it if you like jittery indie-pop in the vein of Ted Leo, Guided By Voices, or Built To Spill.

Whoa that was a lot of links. See you Monday!

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