Man Marten's mom is a tough cookie! A tough cookie who inflicts pain for a living! I guess a pain-cookie of some sort?

For some reason I cannot stop listening to Daft Punk's Homework tonight. This happens on a nearly-daily basis. It's not a "problem" so much as a "cause for low-frequency hearing loss because I listen to it on headphones way too loud".

I am almost to level 30 in World of Warcraft! This means soon it will be time to start savin' up for a mount. That'll be fun. Is it weird that I'm more looking forward to grinding the Scarlet Monastary than I am anything else in the game? Weird.

I have a demo of a Mythic Slaughterbeast instrumental sitting on my hard drive at this very moment. If someone is willing to lend me the address of a BitTorrent tracker I could use, I may upload it for the world to hear.

That is it for tonight! I will see you tomorrow.

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