I'm pretty sure Faye hasn't actually done those awful things. I'm also pretty sure Ms. Reed isn't actually thrilled at the prospect of conflagatory clergeywomen. Hopefully this paragraph has been linguistically circumspect enough for those of you who read the newsposts first that the punchline(s) have not been spoiled.

We got a biiiiig shipment of Bearmonster and other t-shirt designs in today and will begin shipping them out as quick as our little hands will let us tomorrow. I added a couple new images of the Bearmonster shirts to the shirts page and the ad at the top of the site- they came out even better than I was expecting (and I was expecting great things).

I think that is it for tonight. I played We [heart] Katamari with my lady-friend until 4am last night and should probably be a tad more responsible this evening. See you tomorrow.

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