I pretty much HAD to do at least one Pintsize strip after all that crazy plot exposition with Marten's mom and all. I hope you enjoy it!

I am amazed at the positive response yesterday's newspost generated. I figured I'd get a couple supportive emails and a couple negative ones but my inbox is FLOODED with people saying thank-you and other nice things and not a single cranky message. I can't reply to all of you individually (although I will try!) so let me just say it here- thanks! I have some of the awesomest readers ever!

I've been looking at my daily webcomics readin' list lately, and while it is chock full of totally awesome dudez and ladiez I bet there are a bunch of really good comics I am not aware of or haven't properly checked out. So this is a little experiment I'm gonna run for the next week or so- if you draw or write a webcomic and you would like me to check it out, post a link and a small description in this thread. I promise I will look at every submission, and if anything particularly strikes my fancy, I might talk about it in a future newspost. We'll leave the thread open for a week and see how this goes. Please read and obey the rules, it will ensure maximum awesomeness.

Later on this week we will be debuting a couple new shirt designs for short, limited-time runs as part of NEFARIOUS PLANS. Keep your eyes peeled.

See you tomorrow!

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