Man I am having fun with the artwork lately. Although this evening, apparently "having fun" equals "spending an hour trying to get the stupid linear perspective right on a background retouching". Wheeeeeee.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the word "cyberspace"- I knew it had been coined by author William Gibson, but I wasn't sure if it predated the Interwebs as we know it today. The answer is yes- Gibson came up with the term in 1982, which is after the groundwork for the modern-day Robowebs had been laid but before it was available for simple, general use. Mmm, Robowebs. Say it out loud with me. "Robo-webs". Isn't that so much nicer an incorrectly descriptive term than cyberspace?

I am finally getting around to trying out Neverwinter Nights for the PC and I am enjoying it thus far. Running around bashing on things with a mace is my idea of a good time.


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