Look out Lightning Bolt, you may have some fictional cartoon competition.

Fellow DayFree Press star and all-around superdude Ryan North just unveiled his truly excellent comic transcription and search engine, Oh No Robot If you look at the bottom of each comic in my archive, you will see a "Transcribe This Comic!" button. Clicking that button enables you, my trusty reader, to transcribe that particular strip and submit it into a searchable QC database. No more casting about at random for that one strip where Pintsize grabs Faye's boobs!

If you're going to transcribe some comics, I'd request that you format them as such:

TITLE BAR: Comic Number: [Name of that particular comic]



[character]: [dialogue]
[character 2]: [dialogue]


[character]: [dialogue]
[character 2]: [dialogue]

etc. etc.

Pretty simple, no! I will be screening all submissions for proper format, grammar, et cetera. Your help is much appreciated!

Remember that pre-orders for the Coffee of Doom t-shirts ends on Tuesday- after that we'll send a big ol' order to the printer that should hopefully cover all pre-orders and all holiday sales of that particular shirt. Don't forget that November 30 is the cutoff date for pre-Chrismas merchandise delivery!

A final bit of good news: The Secret Crocodile Adventure Club has opened its sacred archives to the public! Go check it out for some of the slickest Illustrator artwork this side of old-skool Scary Go Round.

That is it for tonight. See you tomorrow!

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