Wow. Fifty strips. I have finally hit something approaching a milestone. I don't plan on stopping any time soon, either. Awesome. I am still completely shocked at how many people seem to enjoy the comic so far, so my eternal thanks go out to you for stopping by and sticking around. As much as I enjoy doing these comics for my own amusement, the reason they're online is for other people to enjoy them, and I am glad this seems to be occurring.

I am posting this from my parents' home in deer-infested Maryland (seriously- we have deer like Central Park has squirrels). Home for the holidays and all that. Heather and I are both looking forward to ingesting ridiculous amounts of Thanksgiving food.

Friday's comic will upload right on schedule. I am lazy so it will be the cheesy video-game strip after all. Ah, who knows. Every time I say "this strip really sucks" I get lots of people telling me it was funny and they liked it. Maybe Friday's strip will be the same. Of course in talking about it I have jinxed the whole process and so you will all HATE ME FOREVER BALGHLAGBAGLGAHAGLBGLH MASCARA RUNNING ALL OVER THE FACE BLBLBLBL


Anyway. Hope you enjoy today's comic, and have a pleasant Thanksgiving wherever you are. Keep voting for QC over on Buzzcomix and I will see you Friday!

PS: Underwear Ninja photos will be uploaded later on Wednesday, when I am not exhausted from driving hundreds of miles. I am also accepting Bra Pirate photos.

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