Wow. 5000 comics. That is a much larger amount of comics than I ever expected to make.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck around, for however long you�ve been reading. I really appreciate being part of your daily/weekly/whatever routines. It�s an incredible privilege to make a living in this field, and I�m grateful for all your support, whatever form it takes. Extra special thanks to my Patreon subscribers, both for their support and for being such a wonderful, welcoming community.

I�ve seen some speculation that the comic is wrapping up- that is not the case. I have no plans to end QC. The comic has changed focus many times over the course of its lifespan. That�s what has kept it interesting for me, over all these years. Sending Marten and Claire to Cubetown looks to be just another one of those shifts. Which is funny, because the genesis of the whole idea was me thinking �you know, I barely do anything with Marten anymore, and he�s in a good place with Claire. It might be time to give them a ride into the sunset since they don�t seem to be the focus of my interest these days.� Then I started gathering all the threads together for this story, and suddenly Marten was fun to write again and I had a million ideas for Cubetown and welp I guess I accidentally an entire new setting, lol. That�s how it goes sometimes.

I hesitate to make predictions about the future, because I often end up being wrong (see above), but so far I�m having fun switching between Cubetown and Northampton as the creative process calls for it. So I�m pretty sure I won�t be dumping Northampton as a setting, or moving the entire cast to Cubetown, or any of the other more far-fetched ideas I�ve seen floating around. I�m just going to keep writing comics like I always have, and follow the path where it leads. I�ve learned to trust myself when it comes to this stuff.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you�ll stick around to see where things go. I�m having more fun doing QC than ever before.

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