Man, that's a lot of dialogue to put in one strip, huh? In my experience it's pretty common for people to just try and get everything out at once when they're talking about shit that freaks them out, though. I certainly do.

It's pretty weird to have your every little word, line, and action under the microscope like QC's been for the past couple weeks. I've basically stopped reading reviews or blog entries or anything having to do with the comic that isn't email. I figure either you like what I'm doing and you'll stick around, or you don't and you won't. Judging by my email intake these past five days, though, roughly 98% of you are really enjoying things! That's pretty awesome. I'll do my best to do justice to the rest of this story.

You know who has been doing some really stellar storytelling lately? Sam Logan. I'd tell you to go check out his comic, but he is a deceitful, violent philanderer who subsists entirely on human suffering and kitten tears. He'll sell your organs to the Russian mafia!

See you tomorrow.

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