Man, sorry this one went up a couple hours late! We had a very busy day, and the artwork on this one was rather...uh, involved. Hopefully you enjoy it!

My Dayfree Press buddies and I did a Secret Santa thing this year where we drew little Christmasy things for each other. It's pretty neat! Click here to check them out.

Not much else to report tonight. I am going to do my absolute best to get in touch with everyone whose orders we were unable to fill in time for christmas (people who ordered before November 7th, anyway, since that was our cutoff date) tonight and tomorrow. My apologies for the delays- when we ordered hundreds and hundreds of shirts and hoodies back in november, we figured we wouldn't run out of some stuff before, oh, February. Turns out we underestimated how many people wanted QC merch!

Anyway, enjoy the comic (and the reciprocal cameo in panel 1) and I will see you on Monday. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your presents!

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