Back from my Thanksgiving vacation and I'm plowing straight ahead with a new storyline.

Today's comic kicks off a series of strips that I've been meaning to do for a long time now but never really got around to. About a year before I started doing QC I had tons of ideas for a different web comic- it was to be sort of a Penny Arcade for music nerds like myself. I nixed it after a couple of episodes though because the idea wasn't as deep as I had originally thought and because frankly I couldn't draw very well at all.

Basically what I'm doing is folding some of the ideas for that old comic into QC, because I realize that it was really Marten, Faye, and co. that I was writing about back then, even though I didn't realize it at the time. This story is like free bonus ideas for me, and my meager drawing skills have improved enough that I'm not completely ashamed to unleash my scrawlings upon the world. So there you have it- random useless backstory that you probably couldn't care less about but at least it filled up some space in the newspost column and god damn but Anchor Steam Winter Ale is some tasty stuff.


TWC is still completely buggered, it would seem. I'm tempted to take the broken vote button off the site. Maybe Wednesday. Keep voting for QC over at Buzzcomix, The Comic Voting Site That Is Not Broken.

I meant to put a link to the Underwear Ninja page last week but a combination of Thanksgiving food and Thanksgiving booze prevented me from remembering. So there you go. Right now I think Lauren's "confused" picture is the funniest because she is all "omg why is a crotch in my face?" but my favorite one changes every day. I am still accepting submissions too, so feel free to email them to me.

See you Wednesday!

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