Dora in panel 2 is one of my favorite things I have ever drawn. I am not sure why!

My good buddy Matt and his excellent indie rock band Get Him Eat Him are going out on tour! If you are in range of one of these venues you should go check them out. They will give you a good time!

I am also going out on a small tour of sorts this winter! I will be hangin' out and speaking on several different panels at Arisia in Boston January 13-15. I will be at Genericon at RPI in Troy, NY on January 27th and 29th. Sandwiched between those two dates is my stop over at Vericon at Harvard on the 28th. Wrapping up January, I will be speaking at Emerson College on January 30th. In February I will be rockin' out at Llamacon on the 25th. I'll put up a permanent link to these dates as well so you will remember! Hopefully I will see a whole bunch of you fine folks at one or more of these events- I think they're going to be a lot of fun. I'll have specific details about each event as they approach.

I think that is it for tonight! Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow.

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