Holy moley! I don't mean to extend Friday's cliffhanger, but my good buddy Zach from the excellent Animals Have Problems Too did a guest comic for me! It amused me so much that I decided to run it today in lieu of a "normal" QC strip. Not only do I find this comic hilarious, it gives me a chance to start rebuilding the strip buffer that I used up over the holidays. Normal QC strips return on Tuesday. Thanks Zach!

We are hell of sending out merchandise as fast as we can. Like beavers...who sell t-shirts...or something.

Man that new Earth CD "HEX: Or Printing in the Infernal Method" is really good! If you like creepy stoner drone or Godspeed You! Black Emperor you should check it out. It sounds like if you killed a country music guitarist and reanimated him as a zombie and set him loose in the New Mexico desert.

That's all I got for now. Back to drawin' Tuesday's comic.

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