And so ends another day in QC-land. MAN was this a long one.

It looks like Marten updated his blog again. I had originally planned for these to update every day in QC-time, but I think it's just going to switch to "every day in QC-time or whenever I feel like writing one". Hopefully there'll be more updates that way, as people have expressed enjoyment in reading it.

Rich Stevens has a new site! It looks to be pretty cute from what I've seen thus far.

A reminder: I will be at Arisia this weekend, doing some panels and just hangin' out to say hi to folks. I don't have a table or anything but if you track me down after panels I will be happy to say hi or draw things or sign things for you. I've made a seperate page with my panel schedule here.

That is it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you Monday!

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