A quick reminder: I will be at Genericon at RPI in Troy, NY this Friday and Sunday and Vericon in Boston this Saturday! I've got a couple how-to panels lined up and will be selling merchandise at both conventions (as well as giving away the usual drawin's and high-fives) so hopefully I will see a bunch of you then!

I am also giving a talk at Emerson College on Monday. It'll be a Q&A type thing, but apparently we're also gonna have a big huge projector so hopefully you'll get to see me draw and stuff too. I can't promise there won't be any giant weiners or < on the screen.

That is IT. We're moving our shipping and merchandise operations in with Rich and Jeff from Dumbrella soon, and I've got a shit-ton of driving to do this weekend. Busy busy busy. See you either this weekend or Monday!

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