QC has been obliquely referenced in a Pitchfork news article. This is where all the scenester idiots start bitching about how my comic "used to be cool, before every poseur who reads Pitchfork knew about it." Now all I have to do is get someone over at Tiny Mix Tapes to yell about my comic on the front page and I will have achieved INDIE ROCK UBIQUITY.

Sorry about the copy and paste in tonight's strip- I really hate doing shit like that, but the past week or so has been one exhausting day after another and it's starting to catch up with me. I'm going to bed as soon as this newspost goes up, so hopefully I'll have a little more energy tomorrow.

Have you preordered your Bunny book yet? I just did. It's gonna be pretty sweet.

Enjoy the strip and I will see you laterz.

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