Holy crap! Character development! I figured 55 strips in is a good enough place to start explaining a little bit of why Marten is where he is. Where do Marten and co. live, anyway? I'm not sure.

Another 5-panel strip, too. These are fun to do on Sundays because I have lots of time to work on them.

Okay, so the iTunes Music Store is going to completely bankrupt me. This weekend alone I bought 3 albums' worth of music, including Life is Full of Possibilities by Dntel and Earthquake Glue by Guided By Voices. Almost bought some Sleater-Kinney but their vocalist(s) really bug me for some reason.

The Dntel record is quite pretty. It doesn't sound much like his work in The Postal Service (except for the track with Ben Gibbard on it, duh) but it's very good. Sort of like Homogenic-era Bjork but with different vocalists and less orchestra.

I feel slightly retarded to admit that this is my first exposure to GBV. Yeah yeah they're a seminal indie band, blah blah Pavement blah blah lo-fi blah blah Bob Pollard blah. I just never got around to buying any of their records because I somehow managed to never knowingly hear a GBV song. Anyway I picked up Earthquake Glue which I gather is basically Pollard's best record since his really amazing early ones.

When listening to bands for the first time I like to pick up their most recent release and move backwards through their catalog. I like seeing where they've taken their sound, and then going back and discovering whence it came from. I'm not one of those indie-snob fucks who thinks that a band's first album is always its best, so this approach often has an interesting result on how I view a band's overall output. I think it makes me a little more objective, because I haven't grown so attached to a band's early material that I am unable to accept whatever new directions they might be taking their sound in (cough cough Radiohead fans who hate everything after OK Computer).

Anyway, I'm digging GBV so far, and Dntel has ensured itself a place in my regular rotation of music. Good stuff.

That's it for today. Remeber to keep voting for QC over on Buzzcomix, and I will see you Wednesday. Woo!

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