Ah, indie rock snobs. How I love to make fun of them. For the record, I haven't heard Liars' first record so I can't comment on that one, but They Were Wrong So We Drowned definitely has some good moments. I wouldn't call it a "great record" per se, but the first couple tracks are hypnotic and creepy and fun. Their new album has leaked online and it sounds to me like a nice development of the weird tribal shamanistic ritual-rock (yes I just made up that term) they were exploring on the earlier album.

Proof that I am not an indie rock snob: I really don't like the Shins. I think I'm the only indie nerd in the world who doesn't pop boners over them, but whatever. I've got a couple of their records, I've given them plenty of honest chances, but every time they come on in iTunes I just go "meh" and put something else on.

Oddly enough, lately I've been listening to Wilderness a lot. I absolutely couldn't stand them when I first heard them like a year ago, but now there's something oddly compelling there. Their new record has also leaked, it sounds like a continuation of their first one. I dunno whether it's better or worse but it's certainly a Wilderness album.

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