Tonight's comic title is from my favorite David Bowie song. I seem to be using a lot of song lyrics for titles lately.

This strip is a good example of a conversation I was writing veering off in a completely different direction than I initally expected. Along with most of the rest of you guys, I was expecting Faye's initial reaction to be shock, or anger, or grief, or some other really negative emotion. But resignation? I never would have guessed it until I started writing her dialogue in panel 2 and it just appeared on screen. Then it was like a switch flipped in my head- "of course she's been expecting this to happen! She's known this was a potential consequence ever since they had The Talk!" I dunno, it makes good sense to me. Hopefully it makes sense to you too.

I feel really pretentious writing about my work like this. I don't think I'm some kind of Great Artiste or whatever, I'm just some dude who draws a comic strip on the intar wubs, you know? But sometimes when I'm writing dialogue it really does feel like it's out of my hands, that the things Marten &co. say and do are just appearing as if I weren't involved in the process at all. It's weird. I hope it makes for interesting writing, anyway.

I used to have a really clear idea of what was going to happen next in the comic. Nowadays I'm almost as much of a spectator as the rest of you. It's pretty exciting!

Anyway, enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow.

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