You'd think by now they'd have learned not to bake cakes with Pintsize around. Oh well.

Today's strip is one of those comics that leads off into a whole other storyline. I think I've got this one pretty well planned out...assuming I can pull off some of the art I envision in future strips. We'll see. I might post some advance sketches in the forums as I do them.

The link from Sam and Fuzzy basically tripled the amount of traffic QC normally gets on Fridays (Saturdays too!). That is so rad I cannot even explain it. My hope is that some of you lovely S&F readers will stick around and continue to enjoy the comic.

I've been meaning to bring this up, but kept forgetting until this evening- in case you didn't know, Penny Arcade is doing this "Child's Play" toy drive this holiday season. So far the response has been overwhelming, with PA fans donating more than $100,000 worth of toys and other gifts. Anyway, if you've got a little extra cash this holiday season, I strongly encourage you to donate some of it to this charity- it's a wonderful idea and a really great way to get people to realize that, hey, we Internet people have hearts and souls after all (except for me- I am composed of a variety of toxins, not unlike Topato). Here's the link to the Child's Play website for more information.

QC continues to hover around 30 on BCX. It'd be great if we could move up in the standings, because that's where some of my favorite webcomics are ;). My dream is to one day not have any terrible sprite comics getting more votes than me. Impossible, you say? Probably. Still, a man needs to dream.

That's it for tonight. Have a pleasant Monday, I will be eagerly awaiting my mid-week vacation so that I may draw more pictures with humorous dialogue for you.

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