Man I have been looking forward to doing more comics with Winslow in them for FOREVER. He's so cute!

Thanks so much to everyone who came by and said hello/bought things at ConBust! It was a small, quiet convention but still a very good time. I got to meet the delightful Jennie Breeden of the excellent The Devil's Panties as well as a number of other super-fun folks.

Don't forget: Bomb the Blogosphere t-shirts are available for pre-order until THIS FRIDAY! Get in on this action now, these shirts are gonna be super-cool.

Apparently I'm playing World of Warcraft again after a six-month hiatus. Marten, currently a 44 Night Elf Rogue on Dark Iron, cheerfully welcomes any PSTs, invites for instance runs, L33T EPICZ or whatever you offer him. Nearly everybody in my guild is level 60 now so I'm playing some serious catchup. It's pretty fun though, and my homies in Annarchy are rad as always.

That's all for tonight. I am hell of tired and two hells of hungry. I leave you with one final tidbit: CAKE PONY. Enter only if you like FILLIES who are BARELY FOALS!

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