Man, no idea where the Isaac Newton metaphor came from. Still, I hope it is amusing!

Remember, you only have until Monday to get in on the first round of pre-orders for the Math is Delicious shirts!

Okay I gotta go. There's a get-together at a friend's house tonight, then we got a hella party to attend tomorrow night, and I also got to shave my head because shit be gettin' unruly. Incidentally, if any readers can hook me up with tickets for the sold-out Isis show in Boston this Saturday, I will gladly reimburse you with money/drawings/merchandise/high-fives. I meant to get tickets earlier this week but then forgot and now they're all gone. Curses!

Have a nice weekend and I will see you on Monday!

PS: The new Ellen Allien/Apparat record? Delightful.

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