I doubt Raven is the only one.

So: The new Ellen Allien/Apparat album Orchestra of Bubbles is hell of excellent. It's a lot more song-oriented than Ellen Allien's last album (Thrills), and while I haven't heard any of Apparat's work prior to this I think they make an excellent team. It's got everything from Notwist-style electro-pop ("Leave Me Alone") to Berlinette-era techno burners ("Way Out"), and album closer "Bubbles" is probably the single best track Ellen Allien's ever done. This is the best electronic record I've heard all year (sorry, people who are really into The Knife), and I'd recommend it to pretty much anybody.

Anyway that is it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, check out that record (and Islands too, if you haven't listened to them already- panel 2 is a lot funnier if you've heard their album), and I will see you tomorrow.

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