Damn, Dora. That's like responding to a spitball with an anti-tank cannon.

So it looks like the whole "PayPal dropping orders" thing is more of an issue than we originally thought. We are going through our records for the past couple months and doing our absolute best to make sure we catch every order that slipped through the cracks. Have no fear, if you have ordered something and not recieved it yet, we WILL catch it and get you your merchandise as soon as we are physically able.

Speaking of merchandise, the Math is Delicious shirts will be printing next week. Sorry for the delay, there were a LOT of orders to catalog and this whole PayPal fiasco adds to the workload. Cristi is bustin' her ass and I am doing my best to help and still get comic strips done on time. We apologize for the delays and are taking steps to streamline the shipping process so that, hopefully, there will be no more delays like this in the future. Running a business as big as QC has become is hard, especially when it's just two people doin' it! Nevertheless, we will get it done. Thanks again for your patience as we get things sorted out.

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