Les Pauls are a kind of electric guitar, for those of you not 'in the know'. Vintage models do indeed sell for a lot of money.

This comic was inspired by a very real moral debate that a lot of musicians, especially indie rock folks, deal with. I know of several indie bands who have turned down thousands of dollars from people like Hummer for their songs (Ratatat, on the otherhand, notably sold their sold "Seventeen Years" to Hummer). I know of at least one fellow who took the money but donated it all to charity, which to my mind seems like the best possible use of the money. Then again, if you're having trouble paying the bills, thirty grand for three minutes of your music must seem awfully tempting.

That's all I got tonight. Do you like Faye's new hairstyle? I'm pretty happy with it.

See you tomorrow!

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