Sorry this one was a little late. I started writing the dang thing at six PM and didn't finish until ten. Writer's block is fun like that.

So ConnectiCon was absurdly fun this past weekend! I had an excellent time hanging out with some of my DayFree Press buddies, specifically the lovely Liz G., the hysterical Chris H. (ask him to do his "Omigod Jeph Jaaaacques" voice if you meet him in person), and the superb Chris W. Other highlights included Hawk and Ananth of Applegeeks, Greg and Liz from Real Life, Scott from VG Cats, Brian from 8-bit Theater, Brian from Instant Classic, Aido from Fallen, Jennie from The Devil's Panties, and plenty of other truly excellent folks who I really want to mention but dangit I need to put this comic up already.

Anyway that is all for tonight. Enjoy the comic, and I will see you tomorrow with a comic up before midnight dammit!

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