Penelope is one of those names that I always want to pronounce like "antelope." But I imagine that if you're actually NAMED Penelope that would be highly annoying. As someone who has to deal with his share of name mispronunications (hint: say it like you'd say "jacks") I can understand the feeling.

Couple things to announce!

One, I will be at Albacon this weekend, with t-shirts and posters and drawings to give out. You should come say hi!

Second, people seem to like that design I posted last night that I'm gonna stick it on a t-shirt and put it up for pre-order tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for that one (I will also update this newpost when the pre-orders go live).

Okay I think that is it! Enjoy the comic, have a nice weekend, and I will see you Monday.

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