I think what people who buy into Penelope's opinion on romance in popular (Western) culture are forgetting is that culture isn't something external to the human condition or human genetic imperatives. We care so much about gettin' it on with other people because that is a large part of our species' genetic imperative! It's only natural that so much of our popular culture would reflect this desire (and it always has, for basically all of recorded history).

Of course, the person typing this right now is the author of a webcomic whose central focus is romantic relationships. SO I COULD JUST BE ANOTHER COG IN THE VAST CONSPIRATORIAL MACHINE OMG.

That being said, of COURSE it is possible to be single and happy. I feel like oftentimes people want to be in a relationship just so they can be in a relationship. Which is maybe not the best reason to be in a relationship! I mean, there are better reasons. Like makin' out. Makin' out is pretty fun.

In other news: indie-rock legend J. Robbins' son has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a currently-incurable and often-fatal neural disorder. The Robbins family could really, really use donations to help with their son's treatment. You can get more info and make contributions here. Our hearts here at QC go out to J., Janet, and Cal.

See you tomorrow.

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