Sometimes a few hours of practice and a little inspiration result in very pleasant surprises. I am very happy with how this strip turned out, hopefully you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed drawing and writing it.

As I write this, QC holds onto the #6 position over on Buzzcomix. That is completely crazy, I did not expect to stay in the top ten for more than a few hours when the voting reset itself. Here it is almost two days later and still we stand! Infinite thank-yous to everyone who votes. You can expect at least one extra comic strip sometime this month in return for your efforts.

I had a long rant about the reviews over at Comixpedia but it started to get way too pedantic, so I am deleting it. No need for me to blather on about silly things.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the comic, I am particularly happy with this one. Have a pleasant Wednesday and I will see you on Friday!

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