Dora's a Neal Stephenson fan, judging by her line in panel four.

Hawk from Applegeeks did this awesome fanart of Pizza Girl for me! Every time I look at Hawk's artwork I fantasize about winning the lottery and using the earnings to pay him to do all my artwork for me. Instead of spending my days parked in front of a Wacom, I would raise decorative, miniature emus on a ranch in Hawaii. I would have a dog, Beucephalus. There would be hella mojitos.

This evening I learned that you should never attempt to back-up all of your mp3s on 3 hours' sleep! I over-wrote my mp3 directory with a blank one somehow. After a good thirty minutes of hyperventilating and banging my head on the desk, I managed to restore probably 80% of it via old backups, but still. Scary and unpleasant evening indeed.

Now I go home to bed. Clearly I should not be operating a computer right now (if, arguably, ever).

See you tomorrow.

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