Did you know that all goths can tap into the ghostly otherworld for advice on everything from lottery tickets to which vinyl corset goes best with their 10" platform boots? It is true!

All of the first shirt orders have been packed and are ready to go out in the mail. I would have done it on Friday as planned, but the snow/ice storm we got here in MA pretty much shut everything down that day. Once I get all of these mailed out, I will spend a few days working up some new potential designs, which I will probably have people vote on in the forums. Democracy in action!

Speaking of merchandise, a friend of mine recently sent me the link for these rad t-shirts, and I think they are really awesome. I may have to purchase the "I make webcomics" shirt, it is exerting a strange pull upon my wallet.

Do you like good music? If so, then you might like Bows and Arrows, the newest record by The Walkmen. Imagine Bono from U2 fronting a really tight indie rock band, and you have a pretty good idea of what they sound like. I am enjoying them a lot.

One last bit of good news- apparently the server gremlins which had been tormenting me moved on to attack Brian from Instant Classic. His site was down for a while but is back in action and as good as ever. If you have not checked out Instant Classic before I highly recommend it. It is good stuff!

There has been some bickering among various webcomics over on Buzzcomix as to the moral validity of vote incentives (extra comics, sketches, or porn that can only be viewed by voting for that particular site). A lot of artists seem to think that this is a lapse of integrity. I am not so sure- I do not see a huge problem with rewarding someone for voting for your comic. While I do think that random hentai shots are pretty questionable, to each his/her own is what I always say. I'm pretty happy that the only "incentives" that I have used are multiple thank-yous for voting (and that bonus strip I promised this month, hehe). I think that is proof that I have some very intelligent and proactive readers, which is one of the most encouraging aspects of doing a webcomic. Thanks to everyone who votes, as always!

That is all for now, I require some chocolate chip cookies before Adult Swim starts. See you Wednesday!

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