More puns in the strip title, whee. Also I decided I was bored with my original ideas for this week's comics, so I changed 'em. That's why we jumped from the girls goin' out to the bar to them coming back. This will keep things moving a little faster, which is rarely a bad thing in my glacially-paced comic.

NonCon was a good time! Thanks to everyone who came and said hello, thanks to the kids who organized it, and thanks to Randy and his lovely lady-friend for bein' fun to hang out with as always.

The band !!! (pronounced "chk chk chk") have a new album out called Myth Takes (yay, more title puns) that is really really good! They do crazy, sexy indie-disco and if you enjoy shakin' it you will probably enjoy their music.

If you will excuse me I am going to go fall over and sleep for approximately 14 hours now. See you tomorrow.

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