Back when I was in college, one of the campus TV stations would play hardcore pornography pretty much 24/7...until one of the trustees happened to walk into a common area where said porno-channel was playing. THAT ended in a hurry.

So if I have my dates straight, the new LCD Soundsystem record Sound Of Sliver comes out today! I've been listening to it for a while now and I really, really like it. It takes all the wit and dancey goodness of his first album and pairs it with stronger songwriting on the poppy songs and the usual tite-as-hell production on the more techno-inspired tracks. You should check it out!

That is all I got tonight. We sent a record-breaking number of t-shirts out in the mails today and will be doing the same thing tomorrow and every day until we either get everything out in the mail or drop dead or both. Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow!

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