Doin' something a little different for this comic! We're still in Seattle and I am EXHAUSTED from the convention, so here's a little auto-bio strip instead of the usual QC. I hope you don't mind too much. Regular QC updates resume tomorrow when Cristi and I get back to Massychusetts. It'll probably go up late because we'll be on planes all evening, but I will get it done.

So Sakura-Con was a blast! Sam and Claire were fun to hang out with as always (even though Sam is a bastard). Shawn (I hope I spelled it right!) from Staccato was our booth-neighbor and he is a super-nice guy too. We finally got to meet Fred from MegaTokyo and he is just about the nicest guy ever! And as always, Gabe and Tycho were way fun to see. Thanks so much to the con staff for being amazing and everyone who came by the booth to say hello (bonus word-ups to my homies at Microsoft and Valve!).

Anyway that is it. Time to go relax a little bit with Sam and Claire and then go to bed. Enjoy the comic interlude and I will see you tomorrow!

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