Gah. Sorry this one is up so late. I spent most of the night trying to get my new copy of Photoshop CS3 to work. It turns out I could have tracked down, downloaded, cracked, and installed a pirated copy in about 1/10 the time it took me to get my legal version to install. Hooray draconion copy-protection.

Then on top of that I go and write a script that calls for entirely new background art. Then on top of THAT I decide to try weird 3-point perspective tricks on panel three (didn't get it 100% right but at this point I'm too tired to care).

Anyway I hope you like the comic. I had fun drawing it, when I wasn't cussin' out my monitor!

The QC forums are up and running again, thanks to the hard work of server-guru Ashton. Working with him has been a wonderful change of pace for us.

See you tomorrow!

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