So the other day I got one of those Sumo Lounge beanbag chairs for free in exchange for telling you folks what I think about them in a newspost. "Sure," I said, "I enjoy recieving free stuff."

So a few days later my beanbag arrived. Thus, here is my review:

Yep, it's a beanbag chair. It's really big, and made of a durable fabric (nylon or something artificial) and is full of stuffing. It exudes beanbag-ness. I could see these things being pretty comfortable in a dorm room or for playing video games or something if you don't have room or the money for a couch.

So, uh, yeah. Sumo beanbags! They're beanbags.�

In other news, I seem to be coming down with some sort of nasty cold, so Friday's comic may be a guest strip if I feel much worse than I already do. Enjoy the comic and I am gonna go drink some orange juice.

PS: I apologize to all French-speaking humans everywhere for Marten's butchery of your fine language.

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