Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the new and improved QC FAQ page. I've given this its own space on the site because I get a lot of email asking the same ten questions over and over again, and I figured it'd be helpful to get them answered once and for all. If you have questions about the comic, odds are they will be answered here. Enjoy!

Q: How often do you update the comic?

A: QC updates every weekday, Monday through Friday. I usually put the strips up between 10:30 and 11:30 EST the night before.

Q: Where did you come up with the name "Questionable Content"?

A: I was just trying to think of a vaguely unique-sounding name, that's all. It's sort of a joke in that there's not really all that much "questionable content" in QC.

Q: How do you draw QC?

A: I do all of the actual illustration in Adobe Photoshop with a 9x12 Wacom drawing tablet, and I use Adobe Illustrator to lay out the text and do the speech bubbles for each strip. I use the Brush and Eraser tools pretty exclusively. The lines look super-smooth because I have a pretty smooth drawing style to begin with, and because the original art for each panel is really, really huge. When it gets shrunk down any little jiggles I accidentally make get smoothed out. Click here for a short tutorial of how I draw.

Q: Why didn't Faye use contractions in her speech for a long time?

A: It was her manner of speaking, that's all. She might have been overcompensating for the southern drawl she acquires when drunk, or it might have been uptightness around Marten. She seems to have loosened up a bit lately, either way. I'm leaving it up to the readers to figure out why.

Q: Are your characters based on real people or events?

A: Nope!

Q: How long does it take you to draw each strip?

A: Between 2 and 6 hours, depending on how quickly I come up with an idea for a script and how complicated the artwork is.

Q: Will you link my webcomic/website/band/livejournal on your site? Do you do link exchanges?

A: I might, if I like it. Or I might not, I am pretty lazy about linking things and do not do it very often. I don't so link exchanges. I would much rather link something because I honestly believe my readers would enjoy it rather than out of some false sense of obligation. Asking for a link is a surefire way to keep me from linking you.

Q: Where do you get your t-shirts and hoodies printed?

A: All of my shirts and hoodies are printed by Kurt at Brunetto. Kurt is hell of awesome.

Q: How do you make money off of your site? How much money do you make off of selling t-shirts?

A: All of my income currently comes from merchandise sales and advertising. Man don't ask how much money I make, that is kind of rude!

Q: How did your comic get so popular so quickly?

A: I don't really know, actually! I just always tried to do the best work I possibly could, and word-of-mouth and some helpful linkage by my pals in Dumbrella and Dayfree is basically all there is to it. I strongly believe that the Internet is a meritocracy, and that if you do good work you will eventually be recognized for it.

Q: What happened to Sara?

A: Eaten by an allosaurus. It was very sad. Actually she still works at the coffee shop, I just don't draw her anymore because she was kind of boring.

Q: Who does your web hosting? Can I get hosting from them?

A: My good friend Ashton hosts QC.