Today's comic took a long time to draw. I'm starting to get a little dissatisfied with my artwork again. Time will tell if this results in small gradual improvements (my hope) or a frenzy of frenetic sketching in order to improve myself (yay carpal tunnel syndrome). Anyway, hopefully you like it. You're the one reading, after all.

So apparently one of my favorite of the new Modest Mouse songs, "I've Got It All(most)", got left off the final version of the album. All I can say is "WTF mate?" It is seriously one of the best songs on the leaked copy I have, and I think the album is weaker without it. I'd post a copy of the mp3 here, but Epic Records' lawyers would personally come to my apartment and stab me in the face. Time to make friends with your preferred file-sharing service, people.

According to UPS and the all-powerful Kurt from Brunetto T-shirts, the first batch of Anti-Emo and Pintsize shirts will be in my hands Wednesday. I plan to spend all of Wednesday night packing shirts into little padded envelopes to send out to people. Expect some pictures up in the shirts section once they get here, I am excited to see how they came out. Also when you get yours, take a picture and send it to me! I will put your picture up on the merch page, where you will be forever immortalized thanks to the power of The Internet.

QC continues to hang tough on Buzzcomix, thanks to everyone who votes. It is awesome that you help QC as much as you do!

I have a couple secret projects going this month that I can't tell you about just yet, but I am at liberty to say that they will be completely awesome when they are finished. Keep your eyes peeled!

That's it for tonight, I have to go rest my aching bones. I ran further today than I have run in the past two years, and my body is trying to stage a coup against my brain. See you Friday!

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