Following the trail blazed by everyone's favorite John Allison, John Allison of Scary Go Round, today's comic is brought to you in stunning WIDESCREEN. Personally I think the comic looks WAY better this way, but it may not be a permanent thing. This was a 10-minute CSS redesign, so if something is broken worry not, I will fix it sooner or later.

The main reason I wanted to try the wider format is that I have been doing more and more strips with three or more people in a panel at a time. This was tough to manage and still have room for dialogue in the older panel sizes, which tended to limit the strips writing-wise. I like it so far and I think we'll REALLY notice a difference on Monday when I'll be juggling 3 or 4 charactersa at a time in some of the panels.

Anyway I hope you like it. Feel free to let me know what you think, although unless a huge percentage of my readers start screaming at me to go back to the old panel style it's probably not going to change back. I am an American, we like things wider (Hummer H2, 17" PowerBook, Elvis Presley).

Aside from the panel changes I'm still not really satisfied with my artwork of late. I think I just need to keep plugging away in my sketchbook until I can bust through this block and improve even more. Thank you for bearing with me while I try different things, I appreciate it.

98% of the Anti-Emo and Pintsize shirts are in the mail, the Easthampton post office workers have learned to hate and fear me now. Damn was that ever a lot of shirts! People in New England could get theirs as early as Friday, other folks will be getting them within the next few days. Est, favorite Australian fan, might have to wait a bit longer for his since it is going to the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET to get to him. I expect to recieve a wombat or possibly a baby cassowary in return.

I think that is all for tonight, I have to go fiddle with the CSS for the site a bit more. See you Monday!

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