No doubt you've noticed I've made some changes to Faye's eyes and slightly subtler ones to her hair. Hopefully you like them or will get used to them. Basically I'm going for the look I got in this sketch. Not quite there yet, but a few more days of practice and I think I might pull it off. In the meantime I don't think today's comic looks that bad.

[waits for 487 emails saying "OMG CHANGE FAYE'S EYES BACK BLUGHLAGH"]

You might have noticed, if you clicked on that sketch link, that I've got myself a nifty new domain. Sometime early this week, will go live. Basically it's going to replace the sketchbook thread in the forums- I'll upload sketches and drawings to that site for people to look at. Often the stuff in my sketchbook is a good indicator of where the art in QC is going to go next, so it should be a fun little sneak-peek for the hardcore QC fans out there. I'll send out a notice to the mailing list when JephDraw actually gets some content on it, so now is as good a time as ever to sign up for it.

I'm glad pretty much everybody likes the new wider format. I think it is going to be a permanent thing. For those of you who are having display difficulties, hit "refresh' in your browser. That'll fix the problem, I promise. Stupid browser caches.

That's all for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you on Wednesday!

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