Faye's rear probably "smooshes" a little more than Dora's when she sits down. She enjoys ice cream and french fries a little more is all! Ain't nothin' wrong with being a curvy gal.

I have what most people would consider an odd social life. Other than Heather I don't really have any friends in the town where I live (I am a shy dude) but I have tons and tons of people who I talk to regularly online and sometimes visit or have visit me. Does this make me a "loser"? Sometimes I wonder, but usually it doesn't get me down. Life is life, you know? I am happy to have friends all over the world, even if it means I don't always have dudes to go drinking with or whatever. Maybe sometime this summer I should put together some sort of QC-related get-together. That could be fun.

Anyway enough of my rambling. This is a webcomic, not some stupid LiveJournal (despite appearences). Enjoy today's strip, remember to vote for QC if you feel like it, and I will see you Wednesday!

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